Monday, December 23, 2013

Throwback Bowling Tournament

Happy monday...

Badan rasa x bermaya je..sengal2..dah tuooo! hiks!!
Itu Tuan blog..

Hope korank2 ok sihat ye..

Ni cite last saturday
which my company buat bowling tournament
Just for Fun!

Ok la utk staf2 plus spouse pun ade jugak
Tapi my half xde la pulak
Its ok 

Fun fun with kiddos pun ok what..

Overall we had a great time together.
Everyone got their prizes
Well done!

Try harder next time to be number 1..he he..

Then we all heading to Ar-Rawsha for lunch
Of cos la company treat!!
 Tq Boss!

Till then..Layan pixs k...



prep ke ampang point

aunty Suzikonnnn..he he


My tax boss..

on off handle si kenittt ni..Kakaknye ntah mana2..

Other group..7 groups consist 3 players

Mr enterframe..candid!

Peace ke apa ni dik..

Johan ..yeay yeay!

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