Friday, May 29, 2009

Berakhirnye Mei..

waaa....sukenye dah abis bulan Mei..knp ek? myb kite sedar x sedar dh hampir setengah tahun..pejam celik pejam celik...dah nak raya..kekeke..puasa x abis lagi ni..kene kuatkan semangat nak pulun sumee..bulan 6 insyaAllah..caiyok2..ekceli xde apa pun tuk n3 kali ni..sekadar nak coret2 pagi ni..lagipun arini Jumaat..mood pun ade baik..sume org kat opis pun nampak ceria masing2..lebih2 lagi buat Syikin (si tudung putih)..Trainee 6 bulan..2 day her last day here..mn x senyum manjang kan??k la...hv a nice day uols....daaaa.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ipod Touch Apple

hi all...

...Mula2 dpat tu mcm x suke jek sbb x tahu guna..skg...i love it so much..Alhamdulillah...errmm..i think this IPOD has been chosen sbb that Director alerts with the new tech compared to other gadgets like lappy, digital camera etc ...hmm..Me to learn new tech???..i guess so for me yg br nak tahu ni...gudddd for me!!!aaaaaa...sukee..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy of Fridge Magnet

FM from Bukit Merah..my hubby choose dis 1 coz it can place a photo..tp x menyempat nak buat..ngengeee

This FM also from Bukit Merah..i like 'em..very light and can use like a clip..so easy..

A souvenir from a gurl name Mayzura..thanx dear..Luv it so much!!!

..Thanx to Mrs ZU a.k.a AYU..my opismate..given by her after knew i'm currently admire about FM..This FM bought by her on her vacation wit her hubby and 2 lill cutey gurl..

I got my 1st FM from my hubby jalan2 to BALI..November 2008..start from that, everytime we had our vacation, we will buy FM to keep as our memory ...best kan??hihihi...

Ainey's Wedding

apakata kita layan je gamba ni k..it was taken on last Sunday@Chini..Selamat Pengantin Baru Buat Ainey n Hubby..Semoga cepat2 dapat permata hati...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Silence is the sound of rest
The only sound that can sound best
While other sounds can cause great pain
Silence is not the sound to blame
For Silence is what silence is
Something that is nothing
Nothing that exists

Hasnan & Co Family Trip

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky Draw @ Bukit Merah..

I wonder which one will be mine..actually my number...007, got mystery prize which worth RM1K++..last minute gift la..everyone has got their prizes based on their lucky number except me. So, dis morning my fren sms me from office client which had sponsor that prize..Thank u so much...The prize is whether IPOD? LAPTOP? or HANDYCAM? ..........??? I hope a HANDPHONE..wakkakakaaa..wait n see k....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Update...Bukit Merah, Perak

aaaa..controll ..risauuu..

My Dear Hubby..

5 yrs old Lill Anis..



Hye all..juz came back from our trip yesterday. Everyone had fun although we had long journey ...The xtvts on Saturday were exciting to me..Org Utan, Ecopark, telematch n waterpark..There was a funny xcident while my fren n i played @ waterpark (really make me feel to laugh again) but secret loo..sorry guyz can't tell u dis..To those frenz knew about it, keep it as our Family Day Memory ....Enjoy the pixs....

@ EcoPark..peaceee..ngengeeee..

Outside Waterpark..dah nk balik apartment..

adik n kakak mandi-manda

da penat jln2 @ Org Utan..

B4 lunch and check out..layanzzz..

byeee..Bukit Merahhhh...

Anis de cute girl..gerammm

WIT Dania..Anis's sis..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Company Trip to.............

Hopefully everything will be smooth and safe on our journey to Perak..I think jauh jugak..so pity to my dear hubby(sbb dia yg drive sorang2..)..Apa yang penting KERJASAMA...that's what he alwiz said to me..penat atau apa dia akan tolak tepi asalkan i ade..hahahhaa..this entry will be update after I come back k..c ya...

27th Years Old ^_^

HaPPy BiRtHDaY To mE!!!!!
I wish for the HAPPINESS in my life...........
I wish may Allah has MERCY on me.............
I wish my LOVE will alwiz in my heart.........

Thanks to those Fwenss for the lovely besday wish n thoughts. Really appreciate it so much...aaaaa...sukenye.... 6 May .....