Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy of Fridge Magnet

FM from Bukit Merah..my hubby choose dis 1 coz it can place a photo..tp x menyempat nak buat..ngengeee

This FM also from Bukit Merah..i like 'em..very light and can use like a clip..so easy..

A souvenir from a gurl name Mayzura..thanx dear..Luv it so much!!!

..Thanx to Mrs ZU a.k.a AYU..my opismate..given by her after knew i'm currently admire about FM..This FM bought by her on her vacation wit her hubby and 2 lill cutey gurl..

I got my 1st FM from my hubby jalan2 to BALI..November 2008..start from that, everytime we had our vacation, we will buy FM to keep as our memory ...best kan??hihihi...

1 comment:

  1. Tambahkan lah pulak koleksi dengan FM dari KFC, ada 3 pcs. Asid dah dapat dua. Actually 1st org kasi, 2nd beli masa balik Chini hari tuh. :)