Monday, May 11, 2009

Update...Bukit Merah, Perak

aaaa..controll ..risauuu..

My Dear Hubby..

5 yrs old Lill Anis..



Hye all..juz came back from our trip yesterday. Everyone had fun although we had long journey ...The xtvts on Saturday were exciting to me..Org Utan, Ecopark, telematch n waterpark..There was a funny xcident while my fren n i played @ waterpark (really make me feel to laugh again) but secret loo..sorry guyz can't tell u dis..To those frenz knew about it, keep it as our Family Day Memory ....Enjoy the pixs....

@ EcoPark..peaceee..ngengeeee..

Outside Waterpark..dah nk balik apartment..

adik n kakak mandi-manda

da penat jln2 @ Org Utan..

B4 lunch and check out..layanzzz..

byeee..Bukit Merahhhh...

Anis de cute girl..gerammm

WIT Dania..Anis's sis..

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